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Miracles happen every day..Doctors still don’t care..

Below I am posting one of the emails I’ve received, just because I think it may help somebody. Julie shares her personal experience and doesn’t mind if somebody writes to her. So here it is:
“Dear Svetla,
It has been three months since my initial blood tests ordered by my family doctor & the diagnosis of Hyperthyroid was given. I had ultrasound and thyroid scans done, with the diagnosis being Graves Disease. The endocrinologist wanted to start me on tapazole to trick the thyroid into producing less hormone, then follow with radioactive iodine treatment. I had already begun a regime of natural healing with vitamins, herbs, and diet taken from “Prescriptions for natural Healing”,a great reference manual for all conditions. The doctors were telling me it would not work and that supplements were not regulated and therefore probably would not work. They did not want to discuss diet (both doctors the same!!). Anyway, I said no meds and the endocrinologist agreed to recheck my blood work in 6 weeks, but she was sure I would need radioactive iodine. So, I found your site and got your book. I kept up all my supplements, a long list, and went on a liver cleansing diet for 2 months. I ate cruciferous veggies every day as well as carrot juice, beet juice and lots of fresh fruits. I will be happy to pass on the diet to anyone. My aching dry eyes (not protruding) totally cleared up after 4 days of sublingual b-12 drops from my chiropractor – 1000mcg 4 x’s a day!! I went back for my blood work and return visit to the endocrinologist after 7 weeks and my condition was gone…TSH and T4 are normal. She was amazed but still did not want to discuss my healing regime.
So, I will have the work done again in 3 months and continue my supplements and careful diet. I feel blessed, and thank you for the book and all the encouragement I got from it and your web site.
Please post my email address in case anyone wants to connect with me. I will continue to follow your techniques. God Bless.
Utah USA

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