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Serrapeptase may help Graves’ eye disease/ Thyroid eye disease

Serrapeptase is a supplement, used for 3 decades in Europe and Asia for treating different ailments and disorders, including eye inflammation. It is enzyme,  found in the digestive track of Japanese silkworm…But, read more…

Some years ago, when I was writing one of my books “Life Stories for Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism” and collecting stories from people about what helped them and what did not, I received the following information from one of my subscribers, Ted Salonica (I am extracting the information that pertains only to this specific product, Serrapeptase).

Serrapeptase for TED“…..What I also found to help me greatly with the inflammation and swelling in and around the eyes is a natural enzyme called Serrapeptase – nature’s steroid, a gift from the silkworm. What does Serrapeptase do? Dead and inflamed tissues are two of the key causes of the majority of ailments in the body. Serrapeptase digests (dissolves) non-living tissue, blood clots, cysts, and arterial plaque and all inflamed tissue which is then dispersed. There is a growing list of conditions that respond to Serrapeptase. In over 25 years of studies and usage no harmful side effects have been found….”

So, I did my homework and researched the above product in details. I found many positive reviews by people who have used it for different disorders, with practically no side effects.

I’ve already published an article on my website about what is Serrapeptase, what is used for,  when you can take it and what to expect, together with some scientific research on the subject. If you are interested in what I have found, check the link below:

Serrapeptase- a supplement for Graves’ eye disease/ Thyroid eye disease

Disclaimer: Consider this post for informational purposes only. Check with your doctor before using the supplement.

P.S. I have no financial interest in recommending this product.

P.S.S. Your comments and experience on the subject are highly appreciated.

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