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Free Coaching Conference Call for all my suscribers

Free Coaching Conference Call about Graves’ Disease, Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism 

Hi all,

since I am receiving a lot of emails recently and I can barely respond to all of them,  (I mean- I receive hundreds of emails every week), I decided to set up a Free Coaching Conference Call for questions, answers, sharing stories and discussions on Graves’ Disease or hyperthyroidism (or hypothyroidism for that matter).

callmeThe call is Free and open  for people worldwide (any country in the world!) There will be access codes provided for each country and you’ll be calling a number in your own country (local ph charges apply)

Brief agenda: We’ll be talking mostly about your experience and your challenges regarding Grave’s Disease, Hyperthyroidism, Thyroid Eye disease and hypothyroidism due to RAI or thyroidectomy.

 Feel free to share and discuss:

***1 thing that helped you most with your thyroid problem (a tip, suggestion, method, strategy).

***1 thing you are mostly challenged  and need help with (a specific symptom, thyroid tests reading, family and friends, doctors etc. ). 

How can we help you?

When: November 05, 2013, Tuesday, at 4 PM Eastern Standard Time.

 Phone The conference call is limited to a certain number of participants (not my rules, rules of   the company that provides that free conference), so first come, first serve basis…   Please register here:

 It will be approximately 1 hour, and I’ll do my best to record it so we can listen later.  If you get a busy signal, that means the room is full, or too many people dialing at the same time. Try again later.

 Please, use the World Clock to convert for your time zone. Click on the link below and check your time.

 Some housekeeping here: Announce yourself when you enter the “chat room”- name and country will be Ok. Ask specific questions, and if you know the answers of a question somebody asks, feel free to answer. It’s a free sharing information/ experience and stories. Keep it short and to the point.

 Register here:

All participants in the call will receive my Special Report “10 Secrets for Changing the Psychological, Emotional and Mental Background of Thyroid Disorders”.

See you in the “talking room”  next Tuesday!

 If you have any questions, let me know.


Goiter, thyroid nodules and thyroiditis of the thyroid gland

Thyroid structureMany people today are confused with the different complicated thyroid terms, used by the doctors to classify their condition and the situation gets worse when they are sent home without further explanation. Recently, I received a lot of emails from patients, stating that they have a goiter and don’t know what to do to improve their condition.

First, we need some clarification here. Goiter is not a “thing” that people have, like cancer. Goiter is a thyroid condition, and more specifically an enlargement of the thyroid gland. That enlargement can be very visible, like a small ball, or invisible to the human eye. It can cause pain in the neck, tenderness and sensitiveness when touched, hoarse voice, pain the throat, coughing etc. If you feel uncomfortable or sensitive in this particular area it is advisable to schedule a preventive check-up with your doctor.

The thyroid enlargement also could be due to different reasons, some of them contradictory, so they have to be explored with caution. For example, the goiter/ goitre can be caused by underactive thyroid gland (known as Hashimoto’s thyroditis or hypothyroidism), hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland), different nodules ( cancerous or not cancerous) or thyroditis (general inflammation of the thyroid gland).

The causes for the goiter condition need first to be assessed before proceeding with treatment, change of diet or looking for alternative treatments on Internet. The diagnostic procedure may involve thyroid scan, biopsy of the nodule (if there is one), thyroid tests and thyroid ultrasound. It is a complicated, but necessary procedure to determine the origin of this thyroid condition.

If the cause is underactive thyroid, then medication like L-thyroxine can be prescribed. If it is due to overactive thyroid, then the patient could be offered medication, RAI or surgery. Nodules can also be treated surgically or with radioactive iodine (which generally shrinks the thyroid gland), but that procedure is even more dangerous than surgery as it may affect other organs as well. Since in some countries the goiter is due to a diet which lacks enough quantities of iodine, then a change of diet could be recommended.

My point here: if you are told by your doctor that you have a goiter, then the next step will be to determine the origin of your enlarged thyroid, before proceeding or agreeing to any treatment. Guessing is not an option, or it may cause further negative health consequences. For more information on goiter, check here:

If you have any experience with thyroid diagnostic procedures, different treatments or just your experience, please, do not hesitate to share.

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