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What can 22 great women teach you about life, resilience, making difficult decisions and treating incurable illnesses? (For Free!)


I just wanted to share some great news with you today! My first book, “Life Manual for 21st Century Women”, created together with 22 amazing women from all over the world is re-published (second edition) now on Amazon (for those of you who prefer the paper) and Amazon Kindle! This book is created and dedicated to all the women seekers in the world- it contains the wisdom, experience and REAL LIFE stories of 22 great women.

The book was created with the intention to help us, our daughters, sisters, girlfriends and every woman who is looking for guidance, support and solutions and ‘what to do” when things get really hard to deal with and when life just “serves you lemons”. As part of the promotion of the book, it will be available for FREE download on Amazon Kindle for the next 5 days – starting today, 10/16/2014 till 10/20/2014. Just click on the link below and download your own copy. And if it happened that you learned something from these 22 remarkable stories, or they gave you a piece of wisdom, or idea for a solution, if any of the stories touched your heart, or just inspired you in some way- please, leave us a review an Amazon. You just don’t know how you may help many other women in the world!

Featuring my authors:

Narcis Noshad , Bonnie Ross- Parker, Nancy S. Mure, KatRama Brooks, Lyca Shan , Tracy Miller, Marian Massie,  Johanna Siegmann,  Denice Ann Evans, Paula Gregorow, Svetla Bankova, Stephanie C. Harper,  Jacinta Hin,  Virginia Zaharieva, Karrie King, Cathy Tigges, Barbara Wasielewski , Rochele Hc Hirsch, Pamela Harper, Brenda Cobb, Sylvia Sultenfuss, and Mary O’Malley.

Also, feel free to share that info with your friends, who doesn’t like free stuff? Happy reading! (Click on the link below to get your copy)

Life Manual for 21st Century Women

How I detoxified myself with Aromatherapy and why you should do that too..

As you already probably know me, I like to experiment with everything, especially if it may improve my and other people’s lifestyle and health. My newest experiment was with Aromatherapy, and specifically with DoTERRA Essential oils. The purpose was to detoxify myself and my household to the best I can, which I believe will lead to better health and cleaner environment in general.

ChemicalProductsWhy I started with this experiment on a first place? Recently, I came across a book, called “The Hundred Year Lie” by an investigative journalist Randal Fitzgerald. As the author says, we are constantly exposed to all kinds of toxins, for which are not even aware of- personal care products, cleaning products, over-the-counter and prescription drugs (vitamins and supplements as well) and all of the household cleaning products that you use (and I do too!). Then you should consider all of the chemicals that are applied to our clothing, our bedding and to our furniture. Next, you might want to consider the fluoride in your tap water supply, which is now proven to be toxic to our bodies (but guess what- it’s still there!!).

So speaking, the average American carries a body burden of 700 synthetic chemicals, and the situation is even worse if you live near heavy pollution areas (like most of the cities), eat poor quality food (GMO, sprayed with pesticides, or both), drink unfiltered water with who knows what’s in there, or extensively use chemicals in your household for different purposes. And on the top of that, most people just take it for granted that the products they use must have been thoroughly tested and deemed completely safe to use. Not so, folks. Chemicals and toxins are invading our lives, often bringing serious illnesses and chronic disorders and I believe thyroid disorders are no exception. Dangerous chemicals destroy our immune system- making it underactive (cancer), overactive (allergies) or confused (autoimmune disorders). I’ll not explain here why, but if you’re interested check the book I mentioned above. So, logically, the less chemicals you use, the better your immune system will perform, which is very important for people with thyroid autoimmune disorders.

HeatherAs we all know when you make a decision which is aligned with your “divine purpose”, (in my case  to get rid of unknown, probably dangerous personal care products and cleaning supplies and substitute them with eco-friendly products + essential oils) the whole Universe will start to conspire with you to achieve your purpose.

I  “met” Heather Grant (on Internet of course, where else?), a beautiful young woman, mother of five and she was very kind to introduce me to aromatherapy- as medicine, personal and household care. Because when you meet a mother of five and she starts talking to you should listen as she may have a point.

essensialoils1For the purposes of my  experiment she provided me with 6 DoTERRA essential oils (Lemon, Wild Orange, Peppermint, Lavender, Serenity & Balance combinations). Not much, but it happens they were enough for my experiment. How I did it, what  I’ve learned and done in the past few weeks, what are the results- I want to share all this with you. You’ll be amazed and surprised!!

Not only that: Heather Grant also offered to help spread the world of Aromatherapy…Click on the link below to find out how you can use Aromatherapy for your health, read my recipes and participate in a drawing for a free gift (an essential oil of course!):

Experiments in Life-Style with Aromatherapy

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest for recommending Aromatherapy  or the above essential oils.

The Happiness Factor and Thyroid Disorders

Despite the recent advances in diagnostic procedures and development of new techniques for removing or damping down the function of the thyroid gland, the enigma of thyroid disorders (Graves’ Disease, Hashimoto’s disease, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism) remains unsolved. Why the thyroid starts functioning abnormally, why anti-thyroid medication can succeed in decreasing the function of the thyroid gland in some people and not in others, cannot be explained by the so called science.

Living in the “thyroid world” for almost a decade I came across many heartbreaking stories from clients through the years convincing me that thyroid disorders are not due only to chemical imbalance, as the science is trying to assure us, but also due to many other factors sometimes invisible for us at a first glance. (click on the picture to enlarge).


I came to realize that our environment (social, family and work) has a tremendous role for the onset of thyroid disorders. Not only that: stress (chronic or single traumatic event) often acts as a trigger. Certainly, everyone has stress of all kind but how we handle it is another question. The reason why some people handle it and others cannot be explained with special personality traits and personal characteristics (so called the Five Big Personality traits). “Thyroid people” possess a unique combination of these personality traits, allowing them to accumulate stress and stay in highly stressful situations until they get literally physically or mentally sick. Additionally to that, their basic needs are not met on a constant basis (so speaking: belongingness, validation, nourishment, sensory and sexual need), all this generally due to lack of sufficient self-esteem. A person with adequate self-esteem (not self- confidence!) will protect his boundaries, will know what is good or bad for him or his body, will not exhaust his mind for the sake of others, will not overwork himself to the point of exhaustion, will be able to say “no” when necessary. The list is not exhaustive or complete. To examine the self-esteem specific domain (which I believe is one of the most important when talking about treating thyroid disorders) please, read and check below which of these you proudly possess (Be brave, I am not watching).

  1. Overworking yourself to the point of exhaustion.
  2. Not taking good care of yourself.
  3. Suffering and going above and beyond your limitations, physical or mental, so that others can feel good and happy.
  4. Not able to say “no” when you feel you need to do so.
  5. Tolerating and accepting assaulting behavior, unnecessary criticism and people causing you harm.
  6. Blaming yourself for all the things that went wrong.
  7. Trying to be responsible for everybody, for their actions and behavior.
  8. Doing things for people whom you don’t like.
  9. Being very critical to yourself and others.
  10. Difficulty knowing who to trust and when to trust.
  11. Thinking that other people are focuses on and critical about what you say or do.
  12. Tendency to let fear and anxiety control many of your decisions.
  13. Avoiding making changes in your life because you are fearful of making a mistake or failing.
  14. Being very fearful of criticism, disapproval, or rejection.
  15. Feeling guilty because you have your own needs and desires.
  16. Staying in and keeping relationships that are abusive, insulting, or offensive.
  17. Fulfilling unreasonable demands, because you are hungry for the approval of others (you can admit it to yourself, I am not judging you).
  18. Feeling like a victim of people and circumstances and as a result, becoming emotionally stuck and immobilized.
  19. Being unable to affirm or reinforce yourself positively even though, let’s face it, you are an overachiever.
  20. Being unable to make an honest assessment of your strengths, qualities, and good points, thus, you find it difficult to accept compliments or recognition from others.
  21. Making decisions based on what would please others, rather than on what you want or without even considering what you want.
  22. Feeling that others mistreat you, or take advantage of you.
  23. Being unable to speak up for yourself.

If you checked many of the above items, you, my friend, are in big trouble which is the cause of your sickness. You have to change your mind, right now. Because low self-esteem, besides the “action” side (things that we do as a result of this low self-esteem), also has an “emotional” side, unfortunately. As a result of all of the above “wrong doings”, people with low-self-esteem are very likely to accumulate a bouquet of negative emotions like (check again): anxiety, sadness, irritation, frustration, annoyance, emotional sensitivity and liability, hostility, shame, aggression, resentment, embarrassment, loneliness, lack of spontaneity, constant self-doubt, and insecurity, this is just unavoidable. At some point, that all will result in inability to handle stress and life challenges in general. Do you see now how it is all related? Then the disease (thyroid or not) is just a step away.

Working on your self-esteem is one of the most important factors in your healing process, believe it or not. I am not saying that it is an overnight cure, but it is an important starting point. Then everything will start to fall into place and your healing will begin!

How do you work on your self-esteem and is it possible to change that domain? Yes, it is. More resources are included in my new book “Mental, Emotional and Psychological Aspects of Thyroid Disorders”, now available on Amazon, Kindle and Nook (or check the links below). To further prove my point that your mind can indeed help the healing of your thyroid, I am giving away 30 free coaching sessions (1 hour each), first come first served basis. You’ll also need Skype installed on your computer (a free program) and a camera, these are real sessions. You’ll have to send me an email to with: transaction # for the book purchase, your skype ID and your best preferable time for the session (please, convert your time zone in EST), so I can offer you a few options for the session. I am specifically interested in coaching people with their thyroid still intact (if possible), those who are highly motivated to reverse their disease or desperate people who think that “nothing helps” their condition. Looking forward to help you!



Amazon Kindle: 

Nook for Barnes&Noble:

Can Your Mind Heal Your Thyroid??

When I first wrote Life Manual for Graves’ disease and Hyperthyroidism”, I knew that I carried an important message of hope. I had no idea though that it would change the lives of so many people who suffer from thyroid disorders.

I passionately wrote about my own journey of recovering from Graves’ disease and what I have found helpful in this recovery process.

But my first book, and the other 6 books that followed, did not cover some very important aspects: the mental, psychological and emotional and how these aspects relates to your thyroid disorder. The reason: I wasn’t fully prepared to include this information yet. I had the parts of the puzzle, but I didn’t know how to put them together. I did not have the complete theoretical explanation and scientific prove behind my findings.

Today, after many years of experimenting and research, thousands emails from clients, and my own personal experience on the subject, I believe I cracked the code of thyroid healing. And I it is my moral obligation to share that information with you.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00049] This is how the idea about my newest book “Mental, Emotional and Psychological Aspects of Thyroid Disorders” book was born.

It took me more than a year to write this book and I have to admit that it wasn’t an easy process.

 But I know today for sure that any thyroid disorder (hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, Graves’ disease or Hashimoto’s disease) is not only about what you eat, drink or hormone imbalance, even though they are all important. It is way more complicated than that.
 I also I believe that if I personally created my illness and I can create my healing as well. And today I know how.

So can your mind heal your thyroid?

After being 11 years in “remission”, hundreds of hours research and working with many clients, I believe:


Yes, It CAN! Thyroid disorders are “curable”!

It not a magic, but it’s not so simple either.  It was a long journey for me, writing this book. I put my heart in it with the only intention to help you in your healing journey from your thyroid disorder (hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Graves’ disease or Hashimoto’s disease).

So now, get ready for your journey! I am offering my newest book on a special price for the next 10 days, because you are a valuable person for me. Take advantage of it! Be the first to know!

Click on the link below to find out more!

“Mental, Emotional and Psychological Aspects of Thyroid Disorders” Ebook



Serrapeptase may help Graves’ eye disease/ Thyroid eye disease

Serrapeptase is a supplement, used for 3 decades in Europe and Asia for treating different ailments and disorders, including eye inflammation. It is enzyme,  found in the digestive track of Japanese silkworm…But, read more…

Some years ago, when I was writing one of my books “Life Stories for Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism” and collecting stories from people about what helped them and what did not, I received the following information from one of my subscribers, Ted Salonica (I am extracting the information that pertains only to this specific product, Serrapeptase).

Serrapeptase for TED“…..What I also found to help me greatly with the inflammation and swelling in and around the eyes is a natural enzyme called Serrapeptase – nature’s steroid, a gift from the silkworm. What does Serrapeptase do? Dead and inflamed tissues are two of the key causes of the majority of ailments in the body. Serrapeptase digests (dissolves) non-living tissue, blood clots, cysts, and arterial plaque and all inflamed tissue which is then dispersed. There is a growing list of conditions that respond to Serrapeptase. In over 25 years of studies and usage no harmful side effects have been found….”

So, I did my homework and researched the above product in details. I found many positive reviews by people who have used it for different disorders, with practically no side effects.

I’ve already published an article on my website about what is Serrapeptase, what is used for,  when you can take it and what to expect, together with some scientific research on the subject. If you are interested in what I have found, check the link below:

Serrapeptase- a supplement for Graves’ eye disease/ Thyroid eye disease

Disclaimer: Consider this post for informational purposes only. Check with your doctor before using the supplement.

P.S. I have no financial interest in recommending this product.

P.S.S. Your comments and experience on the subject are highly appreciated.

Complementary and Alternative methods for Graves’ Disease, Hyperthyroidism or Hypothyroidism


The science today is speechless about what is the cause of Graves’ disease and similar autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s disease, Lupus, Diabetes type I, Rheumatoid Arthritis and many others. Some people even have more than one of them. We can speculate forever what caused our autoimmune disorders and probably we’ll never know for sure, neither will our doctors. Especially when the disorder is a possible combination of numerous factors: the chemicals, the genetically modified foods we consume every day, the heredity, the exhausted adrenal glands due to massive and chronic stress, the single traumatic events or mycoplasma bacterium (as noted by some clinicians). The pure physical causes may vary depending on circumstances and conditions, but chronic autoimmune diseases are, in fact, systematic malfunctions caused by collapses in the body chemistry balance. How is that happening? How our otherwise perfectly designed body structure will allow this to happen?

There are many answers to this question and they are very individual for each and every person. But the fact is that the body harmony is destroyed, causing different symptoms, which have only one purpose- to draw your attention to your body. We are no longer mindless because the focus now is on the pain, discomfort and what is wrong with your bodies.

The traditional medicine, unfortunately, does not look at the body as a whole, but as a combination of separate parts put together in something called “body”. Thus, the approaches for treating different disorders is focused only on the dysfunctional organ, whatever that organ is. Alternative and complementary methods though look at the body differently- they treat it as a whole system where all the organs are connected and one organ affects all the others. The approach is completely different and it aims the harmony and alignment of all body parts and systems, so speaking, of the whole body and mind.

There are hundreds of alternative and complementary methods from Western and Eastern culture that can help pretty much any health condition. None of them is better than the other, they are just different approaches. People are drawn to one or another technique depending on their culture, personality or general knowledge. I have listed below 10 alternative and complementary methods that are easy accessible, exist in pretty much any culture and country and are also very affordable. There is no guarantee which one will work for you but based on this ancient wisdom, I believe that your body will greatly benefit from it, regardless which one you’ll chose. 

The only thing that is required from you is to give it a try,  be open to new experiences and be willing to incorporate these methods in your everyday  life.

If you are curios and want to learn more and also get the answers of questions like:

What  is the difference between complementary and alternative technique?

Are these methods safe and how you should approach and practice them?

What are the most popular and easy to implement? Check below:

10 Complementary and Alternative techniques for Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism 

If you have experiences with other alternative  and complementary methods and techniques that helped your condition, please share them.

Even more natural methods and alternative techniques are available in my books below. Please, click on the picture below and check them now:


Success Stories by Thyroid Sufferers

As one Cree storyteller said: Stories are Beings. You invite them to live with you. They will teach you what they know in return for being a good host. When they are ready to move on they’ll let you know. Then you pass them to someone else.

Stories will also sustain you in times of challenge, frustration, and failure and it will confront you in times of confusion, pain, and loss, as they do with me.

When it comes to success stories about people battling thyroid disorders, including Graves’ disease or Hashimoto’s, you can not find many. Not because there aren’t, but probably because they are not written in paper yet…But here are some that I want to share with you…To lift your spirit, to give you hope and assure you that there is always a way out:

MargaretMeyerWeb11. “My name is Margaret, am 62 years young, mother of 4 terrific daughters, and I live in Australia in a rural countryside. Have been a medical pathology technologist for 20 years but have always done all sorts of creative art leading to having an art supplies and teaching shop till 4 years ago…..Click here to read her success story:

2. ” My name is Sue. Perhaps I am a-typical because I first started with Graves Disease symptoms in 2001, diagnosed in 2002 when I first consulted my GP.   My journey therefore has been a long one.  I was told it was hereditary and my mother was hypo-thyroid so I didn’t delve further at that point into why I was affected”….  Click here to read more…

3. “Simona’s story..10 years ago I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease. I went to see my doctor after I’ve put on 10 kilos (~22 pounds) in the space of 2 months. I knew something was wrong, since I’ve always been very, very active, athletic, toned and never overweight. I was my doctor’s first case of someone gaining weight with an overactive thyroid”…..  See more at:

JanArmstrongWeb4.  This is Jan A.. She is 61 years old and has 3 sons. She was born in England and immigrated to Australia in l976.  She is a psychologist and enjoys countryside, riding, yoga, dogs, cinema, reading, drawing, gardening, walking, friends, family, travel, creativity, writing and alternative health. But one day….Read more about her journey here:

I have many more to share…and if you have a success story you want to share, let me know, I’ll be happy to publish it!

5. The next workshop is happening on:

02/19/2014, Wednesday at 2 PM EST.

Register and join us:

Thyroid Workshop for better health!


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