Your Free Special Report, Conference Call recording and my Birthday Surprises

thank-you-french-fries First, big thank you to all of you, who took the time to participate in the Free Conference Call on 11/05/13! We had about 100 people on the call for the USA, Europe and Australia.

  I really hope that the information we shared can help you in your battle with Graves’ Disease, Hyperthyroidism and Thyroid Eye disease or hypothyroidism.

 All the participants,  who registered and participated in the Free Conference Call will receive a separate email from me with the link for the recording.

 20 pages Special Report on Emotional and Psychological Aspects of Thyroid Disorders

I also have for you a Free, 20 pages Special Report on Psychological, Mental and Emotional Aspects of Thyroid disorders- including Graves’ Disease, Hyperthyroidism or even hypothyroidism due to RAI or Thyroidectomy. 


The report also includes 10 specific strategies to help your thyroid disorder- changes in your life style and daily organization that can lead to immediate improvement of your thyroid disorder!

 Diet, Herbs, Vitamins and Supplements are very important but this is not all and that’s not enough either! You can’t do the same things that brought the thyroid disorder on a first place in your life and get different results, right? Your immediate environment, your emotional and mental state of mind have equal role for changing the background of your thyroid disorder and reversing this health condition.

 Believe me, I’ve been there and I’ve done that!

 And that’s why I am happy to celebrate this year 10 years Graves’ Disease Free! So, I think I know a few things on this subject! Click here to get:

Your Special REPORT

svetlawebSpecial Coaching Program for Thyroid Patients

When people ask me what is the one single thing that most helped my Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism 10 years ago I have nothing else to say, but “Life Style Changes” . And I know that this sounds vague and not very serious, but that’s the truth…more or less. Yes, the diet, the herbs, the vitamins and everything else helped a lot as well, but they alone are not enough. I know people that are taking all the right supplements, vitamins and eating the right foods, but they are still not free from their thyroid disorder.

 And let me tell you why: because your Soul, your emotions and feelings, what you do everyday have even greater role in the healing process.

Because everyone has a different situation and is a different case, I decided to create a personalized, 3 months coaching program, especially for you..

 You would not regret taking that step, I promise you….Click below:

Your Special Coaching Program for Thyroid Patients

happy-birthday-textHappy Birthday Surprises!

November is my month…in every single aspect..I happen to be born in this month (some 43 years ago, to be more specific) and my website also launched 8 years ago in this month.

 So, we both have birthdays…As it became a tradition, every year I share with you all how the things are going with me and  I run a promotion on all my books for 10 days during this month starting today…  Click on the link below for details!

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