Thyroid Test Results

I was very confused some years ago, when I got my first thyroid blood test results. They did not mean anything to me- just numbers, which I can easily convert into symptoms.


If you, like me, just left the doctor’s office with a piece of paper in your hand, given by your doctor with the following words “Your tests are abnormal– you may have Graves’ Disease or Hyperthyroidism– you probably have a lot of questions in your head. No more explanations. Doctors don’t have time to explain what are normal, what are abnormal thyroid test levels – just because they have scheduled about 15 to 20 patients per day and they can not afford any extra time for you and your health problems.


Did you have a similar experience? Or may be your doctor was the best- compassionate, understanding and careful. Patients are looking for good doctors. And want to know the bad ones too. If you like, share your experience, it’s much appreciated.

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  1. Posted by sandra on February 19, 2009 at 2:15 pm

    Hello, I would like to know why one of my eyes is droopy even after I took the RAI and the steriods. I was diagnoised in 2004 and would like to have my eyes look normal agin. I thought those 2 things were suppose to do the trick. Do I need to be treated again?


    • Posted by sbankova on February 22, 2009 at 9:41 am

      Hi Sandra,

      many people complain that after RAI treatment their eyes even get worse- and this is one of the side effects of RAI treatment, but many doctors just fail to tell that to their patients. Steriods can help in certain cases, but not always. I would suggest to take Flax seed oil, 1 table spoon/day, and use chamomile cold compress for puffiness. I also have created some eye exercises that seems to help a lot, check here:

      I hope that these few things will help your eyes to look better again.



  2. Posted by Fay on April 21, 2009 at 6:19 pm

    Hello Sleveta,
    Thank you for all the advice you have sent over the past year since I joned the site. AS you know dotors hardly tell you anything so it has been really helpful I am in the UK so I guess a few things are different here. However, back in 2006 my GP failed to recognised what was wrong with me as I had gone in to see him at least 4 times, with tiredness difficulty breathing heat racing etc. I later found he had put on my records I had an adjustment disorder!! Anyway I ended up in A&E after being unable to breath one night and my left arm went numb my T3 or T4 (can’t remember which), was <90. Now the GP listens more but does not want to manage me he perfers me to attend the hospital instead.

    My work are not happy as although the hosiptal have stated Graves Disease they are unsure as I go hyper to hypo very qiuickly. So II do not not have a recognised diagnosis work want to accept. At present I have bee taking 5mgs Carbimazole for 3 months and have gone hypo again!!!
    Given all of this I get no help from our welfare state who do not recognise I have a disability as my consultant has stated that as I am on a stable dose all should be well!!! Have you heard of this type of fluctuation before? Do you feel I should get a second opinion? As regards food I have to keep changing over all the while, I have IBS excessive tiredness difficulty climbing stairs all sounds familiar?
    By the way Im going to get you book now too!!!
    Thank you


    • Posted by sbankova on April 22, 2009 at 1:15 pm

      Hi Fay,

      yes, I’ve heard of such fluctuations before- may be you should check for Hashimoto’s disease- this is a very typical symptom.
      And yes, I’ll always look for a second opinion, especially if the diagnose is not very clear and you don’t feel well.

      Best regards,


    • Posted by Darlene on April 24, 2009 at 11:28 pm

      I also had difficulty with doctors. The first doctor told me I was crazy if I went the natural route, to see an endro. I went and he put me on a pill to slow my heart down. He told me I would die if I did not have surgery! I have since started eating better, not drinking any coffee. and taking supplements and bugle weed and lemon balm. This has helped me. I have a job that I absolutely hate and it is very stressful. I work 4- 10’s and on the last day of work I usually come home and cry. I had to stop taking my heart medication because my blood pressure was 116/35. I contacted the doctors office several times to see if they would lower the dose but they would not call me back. I weaned myself off of them. I noticed that when I am home and not at work I feel much better. I need to find a doctor that will work with me but have been unsuccessful so far. I had a cat-scan and after I took the Iodine I have not felt very good. I told the doctor this and he rolled his eyes and told me that I was in denial because I will not have the surgery. I also asked him if menapose would affect my thyroid and he said “There is no correlation.” I was also diagnosed with ADHD and Anxiety.
      I am very frustrated. I have also been told at work because I don’t feel well and had a major Anxiety attack that people have complained about me. I do not even remember 2 months I was in such a fog that it was hard to focus. I am also the opposite of what i used to be. I used to be a happy go lucky, love everybody and know I am very emotional and don’t know what to do when I have anxiety. Please help


      • Posted by sbankova on April 27, 2009 at 8:07 am

        Hi Darlene,

        thanks for sharing your story..Many people feel that way, frustrated by their doctors, who know only “surgery” and “RAI” treatment. Yes, there is a correlation between Graves and menopause. Menopause may worsen your symptoms. Anxiety can also be a result of Graves’ Disease and I have a few articles about this on my website.

        Many times, after curing Graves’ Disease your anxiety symptoms will disappear as well. They are both very connected. The first thing you should do is to reduce stress to a minimum, take a leave of absence, rest more and get enough sleep. This will improve your condition a lot. I would suggest also to talk with another doctor and see if medication treatment is applicable- there is a danger of thyroid storm and you need to “buy” some time while using all the other alternative methods like herbal teas, meditation, proper diet and change of life style.

        I am also encouraging hereby all the other people who are reading this story and my comments to share their opinion, or their “methods” and experience as well.

        You should know that there is always a way out and never loose hope.

        All the best,

      • Posted by Shirley on May 25, 2009 at 1:23 pm

        This reply is for Darlene –
        I too was told by an endro. that if she did not treat me I could go into thyroid storm. When I tried to explain the natural way of healing to her, she said, “I don’t believe that, it is a lie!” Well, you can know that I am not seeing that doctor any more!

        I received a second opinion from an ENT and surgeon. He said that the natural way of healing was worth a try, and that we could do another ultra sound in 6months to see what my thyroid looks like.

        I am taking a bugleweed/Motherwort compound with lemon balm in it (VitaminShoppe). Also, Goiterex from: And also, Horsetail from: Nature’s Sunshine and TS II from Nature’s Sunshine. All of these have resulted in getting my thyroid under control, and my whole system calming down.

        I also claim the Lord Jesus’ healing in me because He is my Savior and the Supreme healer. I am praying that the cyst on my thyroid be completely disolved by the time I go back for another ultrasound.

        It is good to exchange testimonies about what is working for each of us. I suggest that you see a good Nutritionist. I did, and it has make all the difference.

  3. Posted by CeeCee on May 25, 2009 at 9:30 pm

    I too have been through everything the posters have listed above. My heart rate was the biggest scare and I went through thyroid storms and my T3 Free level was 1628. I have read Svetla ebook and posts and felt sure there was some way to solve this problem without RAI or surgery. Along came Dr. Mercola in Hoffman Estates, IL. I am on a gluten free diet and mega vitamins and I am WELL. His clinic listened and then developed a nutritional plan for me. After 2 weeks on this protocol I felt wonderful and have not had one relapse. I feel the best that I have in 20 years and NO radiation or surgery.


  4. Posted by nancy on May 26, 2009 at 2:27 am

    Is anyone having trouble with their weight following the radioactive pill? Initially, I lost 14 lbs before I found out I had hyperthyroidism. After the radioactive pill I began to gain weight slowly then all of a sudden I felt like I was gaining weight over night! Since my diagnosis I have gained more than 25 lbs! I am so discouraged because no matter what I do I can’t lose the weight. This is very, very discouraging.



  5. Posted by martina on May 26, 2009 at 7:34 am

    i, too, am finding that managing the hyperthyroid condition isn’t improving my graves. it is the immune system that is still attacking the eyes.


  6. Posted by Tanya on May 26, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    I was diagnosed last august with grave’s disease and I had gone home and looked it up on the internet, found out what it was all about. I had to wait about 4 months to see an endocrinologist just to confirm what my doctor and told me. in the mean time I had lost my job, having a hard time finding a new one, moved back with my parents, started going to the free clinic in the area, and that is where the doctor had taken the time to explain to me what the blood tests where and what they looked for and we also talked about a few things but I had to get blood tests taken again so that they could compare them with the ones I had gotten a few months ago, which in the recent blood tests everything seemed to begin to look normal and the doctor seemed happy about the results. I have been having problems with walking long distances like I used to and there are days that I dont feel like getting out of bed but I do cause I dont want to be an invalid. The only thing that I have been told to do was take the medication that the endocrinologist had prescribed.


  7. Posted by mohammed on May 29, 2009 at 2:51 pm

    i have been taking pills for past two yrs , once i stop for a while symptoms reoccur, i am not interested to go for RAI as it would lead to hypo, and being lethargic all my life, how about any herbal permanent treatment for this ?can u please help me to find one?


  8. Posted by Patricia on June 25, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    I was diagnosed with Graves about 2 years ago, during a routine physical. (my T3 was 1500) A few weeks before this, I noticed my feet swelling. For almost a year, I had increased heart rate, and I had been gradually losing my ability to exercise as much as in the past without becoming winded and very tired. I waited 3 months to see an Endocrinologist after my GP gave me the diagnosis, and had a similar experience to most of you. The Endo, Dr. Meriam Izon, gave me I-121 and scanned my thyroid. She then put me on methimazole and a beta blocker heart medication and told me to schedule permanent treatment.

    Meanwhile, I researched Graves disease and read everything I could find on hyperthyroidism. iIfound lots of information about detoxifying the body (Dr. Brownstein, MD, Thyroid Disorders) and just general information about thyroid Disorders in Ridha Arem MD’s book The Thyroid Solution. I took medication for 8 months, and my thyroid hormones started to decrease slowly. I had a revelation then, I went with friends to a Zen monastery and spent two days in meditation, and right after returning home, I got my blood drawn for testing. My T-3 and T-4 levels were low, and TSH went up from 0.02 to 11.0! Overnight, I became hypo! My Endo again insisted that I get permanent treatment. Because of my eye disease, I didn’t want to chance the RAI treatment, so I decided to have surgery. by this time, my Endo didn’t want to treat me any longer and told be to find another doctor. About this time, I found out one of my cousins had been diagnosed with Graves and Hashimoto’s about 3 years earlier. She said she was in remission and had not had any meds for 9 months. This news got me thinking and gave me hope!

    I made an appt to see a surgeon and he told me I was crazy to not have the RAI treatment. He said he worked with a group of Endos and suggested I contact one for follow-up after surgery.

    I am now seeing Virginia Sarapura in Denver who is an angel by comparison to the first Endo I saw. She takes time to talk to her patients, and gives excellent consultation and care. She looked at my records and said I appeared to be controling my Graves with medication and suggested waiting to see if it went into remission. I have been seeing Dr. Sarapura for 4 months now, and am taking 5 mg of antithyroid medication every other day, down from my original dose of 30 mg per day when I started.

    I learned from Connie Sanchez, N.D. that gluten can aggravate autoimmune conditions, so I eliminated gluten from my diet. It wasn’t easy, but now I don’t miss it at all. I eat lots of different grains, which I probably wouldn’t have bothered with otherwise. I also eliminated all iodized salt and seaweed and seafood. Now I notice a hot flash when I eat iodine-containing foods.

    Although I still have an enlarged thyroid gland, I have the hyperthyroid under control, and my doctor thinks I may be completely off the medication by next spring. I’ve been taking flax seed oil, and my eyes have improved. i still look wild-eyed in photos, but I think that’s just my eyes reacting to the flash. When I look in the mirror, I don’t look scared anymore.

    There is no magic bullet for Graves disease, it is a lifestyle change that helps most. Don’t lose hope, there is always something you can do yourself to improve your health. YOU are in control, so step up and grab the reins for the ride of your life!


  9. Posted by hobbs on June 28, 2009 at 12:28 am

    I was diagnosed with Graves in 2006. Originally I was put on Methimazole 30 mg and a beta blocker. I have been hyper to hypo then hyper to hypo again….It is a terrible feeling-the lack of energy, the ‘jitters’, lack of sleep (or exhaustion) and hair loss.
    I think the worst is that people that don’t know anything about this disease just don’t realize how bad it makes a person feel!!
    I am currently on Levothyroxine 25 mcg in the a.m. and methimazole -10 mg in the evening. (A strange treatment but it seems to be right for me) I chose not to get Radioactive Iodine for many reasons and I look forward to one day being medication free.


  10. Posted by Juanita on September 14, 2009 at 12:15 am

    Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with graves disease at easter this year. I live in NZ and am under the care of an endo man. I am taking the carbimazole and propanolol. The weight gain was too much for me and I stopped taking it. But when next tested the endo was not happy. I am taking the full dose now but sticking to a low carb diet, the only kind that has ever worked for me. Before diagnosis I was a bit overweight, 63 kilos on a 5 foot petitie frame, but lsot so much I was only 46 kilos. I looked and felt great at that weight…apart from the sleepnessless and irritability. I will not be taking RAI or having surgery under any circumstances. I hate taking any prescription drugs. I haven’t got eye disease yet and wonder what the first symptoms are?


  11. Posted by Jess on November 5, 2010 at 2:26 am

    Hi, My name is Jessica I am 23 years old. My first encounter that I knew something was wrong was about a year and a half ago when I started losing weight. So I dropped twenty pounds. People started asking questions I was now down to 115 pounds. I expierenced my first attack of anxiety when I was studying for a final and drinking excessive amounts of caffieen which had never bothered me before like two starbucks double shots never anymore then that. I went to Er and they ran some heart test and some other blood test indicated that everything was normal. They also told me to lay off caffieen and it was the cause of the heart palpitations. The next week I started expeirencing some of the anxiety again like heart racing or just feeling unnormal. I made a follow up with doctor and told them I wanted treated for an anxiety disorder thinking this was to blame so they put me on buspar and sent me on my way, My thyroid level at the time was .08 They medicine did not end up working. They changed it again and gave me some xanax. Which did help in the beginning. What I found odd was one week I would have anxiety and the next I would be fine. Well after a few months I started declining. My blood pressure started dropping to crazy lows usually 70/30 on a good day heart always over 90. I felt like I couldn’t climb steps my boyfriend had to help me bring laundry up steps but the doctors just didn’t know what was wrong. I ended up in ER again they said anxiety again. But the medicine they were giving me was not helping none of them. I was afraid of taking xanax because of me having severly low bp. So I went on One time I ended up in Er my blood glucoe levels sky rocketed to almost 200 when my normal is never usually over 80. So They figured I had juvenille diabetes and did an A1c on me. That came back normal so my doctor sent me to heart specialist thinking I had a valve dissorder that came back fine. By this point I just felt like I was going to die. That thye would never be able to figure out what was wrong with me. I had a lot symptoms but my level was still in normal range. My eyes were not bulging and I had no goiter. One day while I was sitting in my math class talking to a few people my heart started racing of course the xanax and anxiety medicine wasn’t working. I rushed to the ER they checked my thyroid level and sure enough I was positive for hyperthyroidism. It took them from october of my first encounter to almost march to figure it out. Then I had to play waiting game to see endocrinologist. They put me on 5mg of methimazole a day. When I finally got to see endocrinologist she told me I would have good days and bad. My question is why such bad symptoms but they said I was normal. It has taken me a lil over 6 months to finally get to my normal where I actually feel like myself and its at the high ends of normal 2.8 is my happy place. I just don’t understand how they can just blame anxiety and send you out the door. I felt crazy and I cried all the time. I am thankful I know but now have another problem in front of me. They want to see if I go into remission from it cutting down my doses and keeping me on pill for two years. I stll feel bad some days like fatigued and drained. With some mild heart beating fast. I am afraid I don’t know what treatment option to do RAI or surgery. Or just I just get it taken out now instead of waiting to see if I go into remission? I feel lost and my doctors don’t give me a lot of answers. I just want to feel some what normal again. If anyone has advice I would greatly appreciate it!!!!!


    • Posted by Kris Kris on February 14, 2011 at 2:00 pm

      Hi Jess
      I just finished reading your post and my heart goes out to you !
      It’s beating too fast of course..but I’m working on getting it under control ! I was just diagnosed myself with Hyperthyroid so I understand how you feel. I refuse to take the Tapazole after reading the list of side effects and what other patients had to say about it. There is just too much damage with drugs.
      I have noticed that thousands of people have cured their Thyroid conditions naturally so that’s the route I’m going to take. I refuse to become Hypothyroid and gain and lot of weight and be miserable at the other end of this. So far what I’ve done is helping !
      There is hope for you !


  12. Posted by Henriette van der Westhuizen on March 15, 2012 at 11:21 am

    Hi, I am Henriette (28 years of age) and was recently diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism.

    I am not keen on taking the RAI so after reading a lot about your take on the cure for Hyperthyroidism and also reading that eating right alone will not cure the disease. What else is there to do?

    Another question is how can I obtain your books as I can’t find any place that sell them in South Africa.

    Thank you for the information you gave already!


    • Posted by sbankova on March 15, 2012 at 4:02 pm

      Hi Henriette,

      proper diet can help a lot regarding Hyperthyroidism issues, but it is not the only thing to be done. It’s a total life style makeover. It involves vitamins, supplements, herbs, meditation, no stress, ect. Many things.

      My books come as ebooks and paper books, the ebooks are downloadable immediately, from anywhere in the world. Paper books are printed and shipped by a third party company called worldwide, even to South Africa. I am sending you both links.

      I also have a lot Free articles on my website, feel free to check them:



      • Posted by Henriette van der Westhuizen on April 12, 2012 at 1:00 pm

        Good day Svetla
        I received my book today (Life Manual and Ultimate diet secrets) and am very excited.

        A few weeks ago I went for a thyroid scan and the results was as follow: There were no cold nor hot nodules in the thyroid and the specialist said that its only a fase of hyperthyriodism and is suppose to “even” out in time. Any form of virus could have cause this. 25% of the time it can end in hypothyriodism, 25% hyperthyriodism and 50% of the people end up normal. I need to go for more blood tests after a few months. Have you ever heard of this before? That there can be a ‘wave’ in the thyriod function?

        Should you advice I use the books any way?


  13. Posted by sbankova on April 12, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    Hi Henriette, these are actually good news that you have no nodules..And yes, in that case if there is no other underlying reason like Graves’ disease it may go away by itself. Yes, it can be caused by different factors, including food.They need to check the TSH, FT3 and FT4, as well as thyroid antibodies, if they haven’t. And yes, you can use the diet recommendations in my book, diet accounts for about 25% of healing anyway. This will also speed up the healing process.

    Keep me posted.


  14. Posted by pam on April 30, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    my sister was diagnosed with graves and could not take the meds she had RAI and had no problem at all. she was put on synthroid and it has been 5 yrs and she feels wonderful. I have just been diag with graves and am on methimazole I had eye puffiness and that’s when I was diagnosed am considering surgery so my eyes wont get worse. I think if you have a great doctor that will work with you your symptons can be controlled. all these stories are so negative against RAI and medicines maybe its not the meds but the doctors you are seeing.


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